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Traditional lending is primarily done with credit scores which reflect only a small part of your financial picture. At Apna Edwards we look at additional factors such as your education, employment history, and financial picture in parallel with your credit history. 
This allows us to lend smarter and gives us an accurate insight into how financially responsible you truly are. For instance, financially responsible young people just entering the job market often do not have a lengthy credit history.
 This means their credit score will not fairly reflect their actual creditworthiness. At Apna Edwards our mission is to identify the most financially responsible people using all the information they present to us so we can lend to them at the lowest possible rates.
The terms are very flexible and interesting. Please do get back and let us know more about your company and how much you intend to borrow for your business projects.
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We’re passionate about helping you rewrite your credit story. We get to know your past, so we can concentrate on your future. By unlocking access to money at fair rates and flexible terms, we’re creating better loans for better lives.